Working together

I’m working with so many suppliers at the moment, for this seasons
weddings that I have thought it’s about time, that I started showcasing
their talents…. so ‘Working together Wednesday’ is born’.

Kiki’s Kitchen

With Easter just around the corner my thoughts are wandering to
chocolate, you can’t step foot in a supermarket without being slapped
around the face by giant piles of, in my opinion over packaged, waste
of money chocolate eggs. Of course children are wide eyed and excited
by it all and my daughter is no exception.

Now Easter is fast becoming the new Christmas, I’m left reminiscing,
memories of my Easters as a child, cracking open the one egg ( I know
violins) I was given as a child and inside would be sweets, now they
don’t even bother to put the contents in the egg, what’s that all
about. I remember thinking how amazing the bottom of the egg was,
because it was, at the time the thickest chocolate I’d ever seen and
the best bit by far. Now we seem to get more box than egg.

So what has all this rambling got to do with events & weddings, well
nothing other than the supplier I’m featuring this week just happens
to make chocolate and lots of other sweet treats. My point is why
spend money on an overpriced egg, where you have no idea of its origin
other than a production line.

We have been enjoying chocolate for hundreds of years in the UK, fun
fact- It was believed to be a gift from god, well I have a lot of
friends that would agree with that.

Proprietor and talented maker of these sweet treats is Kathryn Clarke.


 Kiki’s Kitchen

Training as a chef back in 2008 but not knowing which direction to go
in literally, Kathryn relocated from Dorset to South Yorkshire. Moving
250 miles from home was a

massive move and in an attempt to settle, she joined night school
doing a cake decorating and sugar craft course.

Kathryn Clarke Artisan

Falling in love all over again with these new skills, Kathryn’s
passion for food returned and Kiki’s kitchen was born! We at Kennedy
Events & Weddings are mighty glad it did, her passion really shines
through and it shows in our conversations. To quote Kathryn “I love
the freedom of flavour and creative flair cakes allow, chocolate is
simple but beautiful. It allows me to create something bespoke each
time I set foot in the kitchen. I believe people eat with their eyes
and take great pride in attention to detail in everything I do”.

It is this enthusiasm that my client and I were drawn to, when
shopping around for some bespoke sweet treats, Kathryn has been so
easy to work with, understood our vision and we are confident that
come the big day, her work will add a real touch of luxury, these
silky treats designed especially for my client will satisfy all the
senses and my client can’t wait to take collection of her delivery.

It makes me happy that 1, the product we are buying is made with the
finest ingredients, that 2, Kathryn can tell us exactly where her
ingredients come from and 3, knowing we are supporting an independent
business. Unfortunately Kathryn is busy making orders for Easter and
we have missed the Easter Bunny delivery but if you would like to
order from Kiki’s kitchen, you can find Kathryn on Facebook http://Kiki’s Kitchen and

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