Why choose a Wedding stylist?

So why choose a stylist or planner for your Wedding or event. Well let’s investigate the difference between the two. Here are the dictionary meanings, just for fun lol

Stylist ‘a person whose job it is to arrange and co-ordinate, food, clothing etc in a stylish and attractive way.

So as a stylist, I use all my creativity to, in some cases inspire an over all look of Wedding or event and in others help you bring all your ideas to life. I’m the person to trust to make sure all those carefully thought out final touches happen. I’m the extra pair of hands, an event and wedding helper if you like. I have an eye for detail and I’m the one setting up making your Wedding look like it’s come together with ease, allowing you to enjoy the fun parts of the process without the stress.

Planner ‘a person who’s job is to create or design a systematic plan’

If you don’t know where to start and need guidance on how a Wedding or event comes together, what to book first? Liase with suppliers, suggest ideas on how your day pans out, this is when my planning service is required. I’m like your Wedding best friend but one that helps you stick to budget and doesn’t lose interest along the way.

So a little bit about what makes me good at what I do, aside from the fact that I’m creative, I’m organised of course. I’m fortunate to have trained as a chef and as most events and weddings revolve around food, this is a good skills to have. I’m classically French trained to an exceptionally high standard of service and have won awards in my time. I know a thing or two about wines, cocktails and spirits including how they should be served.

I have managed projects in excess of £50k So that’s the boring bit but I’m also very down to earth, like to smile and have fun and my favourite thing about events is seeing how my service can make people happy. I have always said you can make or break someone’s evening, by your attitude and I love my job. I’m passionate about giving my clients moments that last a lifetime.

So if money is no object and you have little time to plan or think about décor, then really you already know a stylist/planner makes sense, so contact me for a free consultation.

However if you are juggling things and a stylist seems somehow out of your reach, then is that because you haven’t explored the possibility of hiring one.

Here’s a great analogy, so a few years ago my heating started misbehaving, now most people would call a heating engineer, job done! However I’m fearful that they are going to tell me, I need a new boiler. So I bury my head in the sand, as I just don’t want to know the cost, because deep down I think I can’t afford it….in doing so …guess what my heating packs in altogether and I have a meltdown ( I can live without heat but hot water ???). Ok so you see where I’m going with this, fear prevented me from sorting something out that could have saved me a whole lot of stress, if I’d have just asked the question.

Weddings & events are a lot like that, we daren’t ask the question because we don’t want to find out we can’t afford that service. Deep down all of us planning an event wants someone by their side that’s as interested in that event as they are….am I wrong? Especially weddings.

So let’s talk costings, now I cover all sorts of events not just weddings so my packages can start from as little as £75 but for a wedding there are many forms of service that can be provided, from full styling and  planning to on the day styling with some final stages planning.

Full service planning can seem like a huge expense but with the average spend on a wedding in the UK being £25k, it’s a snip to spend a chunk of this, on a planner. As a planner I am responsible for helping you keep to budget and the best way of doing this, is by negotiating the best rates for you and I could actually help save you money.

How? Here’s how, I have 30 years of events, weddings and project management experience. I know suppliers, I’m a skilled negotiator and I believe in passing all discounts to my couples.

I don’t work on a commission basis with anyone. I believe in bespoke wedding planning, which means it’s individual to you and your ideas, so you will never see me selling one venue to you.

Styling, you may be exceptionally gifted in the creative elements of your event, however if it’s your wedding day, trust me you will be better placed in hair and makeup and enjoying time with your family than trying to hang bunting and solve last minute cake disasters (fact! it happens).

So let’s talk final stages planning and event styling, I have seen so many brides and event hosts over the years the day before the event literally in meltdown mode, tired, stressed out, dark circles forming under their eyes, tearful because all they want, is to see a beautiful day happen, in a way that looks, like it’s been effortlessly put together. Effortless style is really hard to achieve without a whole lot of effort.

A bit like when we host a dinner party, you finally get your guests to agree on a date when they can all make it, you make lists, you shop, you cook, you buy more food than you need, you want an effortlessly put together table, that has the wow factor. Then there’s a call, you now have to cook for Bill who’s decided he’s vegan and Mary who doesn’t eat chicken and Annie, has gone lactose free because it helps her sleep. Now you are cooking three additional meals and before you know it, they are ringing the doorbell and you haven’t had time to get a shower. You smell of cooking and you’re so over faced by the food you can’t eat and that’s just dinner for 8.

Now imagine if you will, you were fearless and you rang me and asked the question about how I can help, you have 2 years to plan your wedding and your stylist was going to cost as little as £30 per month, I pay more than that for my roadside assistance with AA and hardly ever see them, let alone help with  on the day wedding styling, would that not be worth it to know that you were going to be stress free and able to enjoy the peace of mind that everything is being taken care of.

If you made it to the end of this, well done! Certificate in the post. On a serious note, drop me a line.


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