What’s your wedding ride?

What’s your ride? With so many couples choosing to stay at their venue and make a weekend of it, thus eliminating the need for transport. Modes of transport have also really evolved from novelty cars for hire to VW camper vans and if you are planning the princess wedding you can always select a horse and carriage.

Vintage wheels

Now call me old fashioned but I do love a beautiful car and the idea of stealing those few moments together in the car, away from the hustle and bustle of the guests, glass of champagne in hand, sounds just the ticket.

LT Classics

It’s Wednesday and I’m working with, well it’s huge pleasure to introduce LT Classics based in Somerset, this husband and wife team Gareth and Lara, set up LT classic in 2017 and are the proud owner’s, of this magnificent example of a Beauford Tourer.

I’m no classic car enthusiast or even a car admirer but when it comes to style, I like to think I can spot a beauty when I see it. I have had the good fortune of seeing this car up close and it’s just stunning. The fact that it’s a family run business to me just makes working with these guys even more appealing. Small business, big heart.

As mentioned earlier, Lara and Gareth both enjoyed that time together in the car on the way to their reception. Lara joked that maybe it was something we they could do and the idea was born, however due to the surprise welcome of a baby in 2015 the idea was placed temporarily on the back burner.

So how did LT Classics start, over a bottle of wine and a good conversation, of course.

Then in 2017 after much research and plenty of car viewings the first car was purchased, this beautiful ivory Beauford.

Gareth will be your professional chauffeur for the day. Lara will oversee of the admin and ensure everything runs smoothly.

Your car will arrive in great condition, valeted inside and out. Even if the weather lets you down, whilst you are inside getting ready or married, Gareth will make sure that any cleaning and re-detailing is carried out to ensure stunning photos for you.

They offer a silk floral arrangement inside the car as well as a choice of ribbon colous white or ivory with matching bows.  

Don’t worry if the weather plays a part, as your car will also come with elegant umbrellas for the bride and groom, which also make great props. Tissues for happy tears and refreshments for the newly married couple.

I love this business, it’s local, family run really care about your big day. I am really looking forward to working with them over the summer.

For more information on Lt Classics https://www.ltclassics.co.uk/about/

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