What to do when you get engaged

So you just got engaged, yay.. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have gone mad your phone is lighting up like a 1980s disco, with well-wishers. It is exciting news and you are both happy and family are already asking if you have set a date. You may have been poised waiting, nails on standby for the proposal and it may be the most welcome question you have ever had.

Our biggest advice here, is to let it all sink in, just enjoy being engaged for a while. It is way too easy to get carried away with the drama and before you know it you have booked a candy floss station for the big day (although we have nothing against them ).

Take stock, it’s a huge step and a big commitment and you need to sit back and enjoy the ride, besides this is the fun part, the person you love most in the world wants to share their life with you.

Once the dust has settled maybe consider an engagement photo shoot, scrapbook the event, dinner with the future in-laws or throw your engaged hands in the air and party styled by Kennedy Events & Weddings. Whatever way you decide to mark the occasion, enjoy it, have fun and remind yourselves on a regular basis why you got engaged. Check back soon for our next post ‘Meet a real Bride’.

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