The Wedding count down

It’s the 2 month count down… did that happen?

With every event you have the initial flurry of booking venues and making decisions and then it feels like there’s not much more to do but trust me the next few weeks are crucial and there is a lot to work through.

Top tip here is to remember that the suppliers you are booking, know what they are doing and whilst this may be your first wedding, they will have done this, countless times.


When it comes to finalising a venue, most venues will offer a meeting to go through all the final arrangements, cost…yes it’s time to pay the balance…. You can expect to be invoiced by venues approximately 6-8 weeks before. You can discuss l table lay outs, additional wedding props and vendors they need to expect. I always do a walk around with my clients to ensure we are all on the same page and you get much more of a visual idea of how things work. Set up, if you don’t have a venue decorator then you will need to find out about set up times and ensure you have enough support to do what you want in the time you have allocated and the same for the set down the following day.


Whether it’s in house catering or catering you are bringing in, the questions are the same, final numbers, dietary requirements, menu choices and food service times.  Last minute changes never go down too well and it’s worth remembering that timing is everything in a kitchen and food can spoil, so if you decide you want to do the speeches before the meal and not after, or add an extra 15 mins on to your photography, your caterers need to know before, hand. Having worked in kitchens myself the biggest challenge is unexpected dietary requirements, your chef is under an enormous pressure to get the wedding breakfast right and announcing during food service that there’s an extra 2 vegans will not be the best practice so ensure you check and double check this


Dan Roads photography

Your photographer is going to be with you every step on the day, so it’s important to make sure that you get on with them, last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable on your big day.

Dan Roads Photography

If your photographer hasn’t worked at your venue before then you might want to arrange a visit, just to make sure you are on the same page about the style of shots. There may be certain places at the venue that are important to you and as such your photographer will want to know this.

Dan Roads Photography

 Ensure that your photographer knows what your requirements are and make sure they have lists of photos that you absolutely have to have! Weddings are the one time where all your family is in the same place and dressed for the occasion, so quite often people will request that your photographer gets shots of them but remember not to people please, this is your wedding your way and your needs come first. Top tip – It’s a long day for them so you may want to feed them, they are there all day and it is customary to look after them.

Dan Roads Photography


Generally the majorty of the work is discussed with the florist well in advance when you discuss the style of your wedding and budget

Photo – Kennedy Events and Weddings

Final meeting with your florist just to ensure everything is going to plan and the brief has been understood. Very important again are timings and location, the flowers are to be delivered to. For set up, you will need to know your  venue availability, is it the day before or the morning of the wedding. Top tip It’s always nice when they have been set up the day before where possible and the flowers have the chance to permeate the reception room with their fragrance.

Photo – Kennedy Events & Weddings

So that’s part one, if you would like to hear more about where we are in the wedding count down then pop back soon, or follow us on instagram, link below.

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