Real bride, Real wedding

Meet Emily, Richard & of course Oscar

I’m delighted to introduce my ‘real’ bride to be, Emily, her fiancé Richard and well probably the cutest little boy ever…. Oscar.

I am loving working with these guys.

Emily and Richard got engaged 24 February 2018, so how did Richard propose. Exclusive …. They both love to visit local beaches and collect sea glass, on a lovely sunset evening Richard took Emily to Sandbanks beach at Poole in Dorset. Whilst they were looking for the naturally worn glass, Richard stood behind her and said he had found some, when she turned around, Richard was on one knee holding an engagement ring. To quote Emily “it was the most perfect evening”. Well it brought a tear to my eye.

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Sandbank beach, Poole, Dorset

This beautiful couple are getting married in August this year, a huge congratulations to them! Emily & Richard approached me a couple of months ago about styling their event, with some partial planning. Without giving too much away they are creating their own blank canvas venue and with that comes hard work but oh my, some excitement.

When I met Emily for the first time, we hit it off from the start and when I talked about my idea of writing a blog about a real wedding and all it entails, she was thrilled to become my ‘pin up’ bride as I call her.

The internet is saturated with images of how weddings should look, how much we should spend and the pressure to have current trends, can become all too consuming. This is why I decided to cover a real wedding in this blog, the highs the lows and the big day itself.

The lows, I hear you say? Surely planning your wedding is magical and fun and yes of course it can be but it can also be really hard work. Normally we would look to family to help but no two families are the same and offer different levels of support, from the down, right controlling to the “I don’t see what the fuss is about, in my day…” (eye roll)

Emily and Richard have spent just over a year planning their wedding and now we have hit the 5 month countdown, where things start to get real, the pressure builds and the enormity of it hits.

The event can start becoming about tables, chairs, portable loos and less about why you are making the commitment in the first place. The event should be a reflection of you both and what makes you special to each other.

Enter me stage left, for a bit of support. All the fun is still to be had and enjoyed but the stress is alleviated.

Over the next few months I will cover all aspects of Emily and Richard’s wedding, our planning and styling meetings and I shall be posting and sharing pictures on our social media, do follow us for updates. 

Are you engaged and planning your wedding? Join us over the next few months, we would love to hear your comments on how it’s going for you.

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