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 More about Emily and Richard’s big day ….

Richard, Emily & mini man Oscar

So in my last blog https://kennedyevents.co.uk/real-bride-real-wedding/ I talked about budget, touched, on styling and a little about my role and today …yes you guessed it more wedding talk.

Following on from creating the mood board, Emily and I had a meeting to discuss how she envisaged her day and started to put together, a timeline for the day itself.

I refer back to my earlier blog when I said organising a tipi or Marquee wedding is labour intensive and every detail has to be thought about. In order to make this easier we put together a timeline, an order of the day, a run sheet, call it what you will but it’s crucial for putting the day together.


When you meet with your vendors the first question they ask is what do you need and when……if you haven’t got a time line, it just makes this process harder for yourself.

It can even save you money! If you book  a harpist for 3 hours but you only need them for 2, you may be tied, into a contract …… you see where I’m going with this. Most suppliers are lovely of course and will amend this but just be warned.

Now when I met Emily, the church was booked and just a short distance from the dairy farm where they are holding their reception. The venue aka tipi also booked, this takes 6 hours minimum to set up and will happen a day or two before.

So we started with the church service and went through everything in fine detail, from morning hair and makeup, photographer to transport logistics, right through to the evening party. This planning meeting took us 3 hours but once we have a rough draft, we can prioritise and break it down into manageable chunks.


The next big one, catering…..we have all been to weddings and if we haven’t been lucky enough to be invited, we have certainly heard someone’s blow by blow account of the day and all the grumbles that go with it. You can guarantee the catering will always be mentioned.

Creative Pantry Somerset

Guest’s biggest complaints at any wedding is if they go hungry and we all know that when we are hungry it has a negative impact on our behaviour. With an average guest spend of £1000, they do want to be fed, quite often people have travelled and skipped meals to get there, so look after them.

Creative pantry Somerset

Now I won’t go too much into detail about this one as you can read more on Wednesday about Natalie and her amazing work in my feature blog ‘Working together Wednesday’. https://kennedyevents.co.uk/working-together/

When booking a caterer, menus, timings, communication and quality of ingredients are the key. I will say though that quality doesn’t have to mean costly. I put Emily in touch with a local chef and Patissiere , Natalie @ https://www.instagram.com/thecreativepantrysomerset/, sure enough we went along with Emily and Richard’s ideas and came away, with much better and more interesting ones.

Creative pantry Somerset

Pop back soon for blog all about styling and more about the creative things I’m doing for Emily & Richards wedding.

Styling by Kennedy Events

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