Mother of the bride

It’s Mother’s Day and it feels only right, I should have a little shout out to my own lovely Mum, it is a family business after all. Happy Mother’s Day ….Mum, here we are trying on hats and generally doing, what we do best…shopping.

Now this also wouldn’t be mother’s day without featuring our ‘real wedding’ Mother of the bride, if you read our last blog post. Real bride, Real wedding

then you will already have met  Richard, Emily and little Oscar ( he will get a feature all of his own soon, he’s too cute not to ).

Our’real bride’ Emily centre, left Becky Bridesmaid & Mum (Carole) right

Meet Carole,

So Carole lives some distance from the happy couple and due to health issues and work, just can’t be as involved in the wedding as she would like and guess what guys……that’s ok! We throw the rule book out, no pressure, no drama.   

As I mentioned before no two families are the same,Real bride, Real wedding mine are no exception. Weddings have changed so much over the years and with more and more couples paying for their own weddings, formal traditions don’t really apply.

There was a time, when wedding guests were frowned upon for removing their hats, until the Mother of the bride had, oh the power and drama of it all.

Times have changed, thank goodness and so have fashions, with fascinators overtaking and hair pins making a comeback, less and less people are choosing to wear hats. Can’t wait to see what our own ‘real mother of the bride’ chooses. No pressure Carole 🙂

Celebrating three generations

Either way as with all our weddings, Emily & Richard’s August celebration will be fabulous. So my advice to anyone getting married is to not get lost in the drama and just enjoy the love and remember the most important thing, that everyone is happy and healthy and there to share in your special day.

Happy Mother’s Day 

“Remember this moment, cherish this story, celebrate this life”

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