Mini VIP’s

Children at weddings …… Yes? No? … maybe ? 

This is a huge question and can cause a lot of upset. 

We have all been to those weddings where the poor child is crying through the vows. The parents (all eyes on them) are literally begging the ground to swallow them up and don’t know whether darting for the nearest exit will cause more of a disruption.

Fellow guests are left wondering if they will make a run for it ‘with a control your child look’ and then the moments happened, game over, vows happened except no one heard them, we have an eye rolling bride, embarrassed parents and a child that really couldn’t care less.

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I will point out that our beloved mobile phones have a bigger presence than children these days and the last thing you want is the good old Nokia ddd, ddd, dd , ring tone through the ‘does anybody object’ question. 

Of course budget alone can be a deciding factor on who we invite and if your friends are blessed with fertility, the costs can mount up.

Your wedding your way! I should imagine most parents would enjoy a night off and would completely understand your reasoning for not inviting the little ones. 

However it’s working together Wednesday and I have a solution to all your mini guest needs allowing you to welcome the mini VIPs with open arms, check these guys out, I have the privilege of working with Pitch up and play over the summer and I just love this idea. 

Fun cool tents, games, nannies and bespoke packages, offered for all your mini guests needs. 

Pitch up is an innovative children’s play and nanny service owned and run by the lovely Isabella. Isabella has been running this February, prior to that was working for the company as a Wedding nanny. Yes folks it’s a thing wedding Nannies are there to cater for all your little one’s needs, ensuring they have a great and so do you.

So what do they offer, Pitch up provide literally a pop up play area to entertain children at weddings, parties and events. The safari bell tent with a whole host of games and play items for little hands to keep busy, in addition to this they have the mini tipis, a super cute addition if you are only having a few children, so whatever your mini VIP needs, Isabella can help.

We cannot wait to work with Pitch up over the summer, we have lot’s of other exciting projects happening

With packages starting at just £150 which includes set up, styling and pack down Pitch up and play have got you covered. For more details contact Isabella

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