Luxurious loo’s

So it’s inevitable, we all have to use them, we may not like to discuss them but today I’m talking toilets.

Yes toilets, what’s this got to do with weddings or events? Well a huge amount if you are having a pop up venue, like a marquee or a tipi.

More and more couples are choosing outdoor weddings, bell tents, wedfests, woodlands and even back to basic unconverted barns.

Silver Street loo’s

This blog isn’t just about weddings though, all events where you have to consider your guests, comfort for want of a better word.

Me & director of Kennedy Events -Holly AKA baby one

Now I’ve been to Glastonbury Festival and used the portable toilets, the composting toilets, I have a weak stomach at the best of times but when we think of portable loo’s we tend to think of those things, we see on building sites and of course they serve a purpose….. for builders. Well you will be pleased to know your Wedding, event or celebration, doesn’t have to be that way.

I’m taking your portable toilet and raising the game, if you gotta go…. go in style! Well I am a stylist after all.

It’s Working together Wednesday! So for those of you just joining me, every week on a Wednesday, I feature a supplier I will be working with over the Summer.

So this week I’m introducing Silver Street Loo’s. I had the chance of meeting Rachael the lovely lady behind this company, at a recent Wedding exhibition and not only is she great to work alongside but she brings with her a great product.

Luxury loo’s for your event! Silver Street loo’s brings with them a silver trailer reminiscent of the American style trailer.

They are not only practical of course but stylish in their design, can be placed anywhere, even inside a marquee but interiors can also be adjusted to suit your preference.

These stylish toilets are made even more special because of the attention to detail and quality. All of the trailers are delivered spotlessly clean and well maintained, and come equipped with luxury toilet paper, fresh flowers, soft hand towels, organic oil defusers and music of your choice. See I told you.

In addition to them being delivered and set up, to their high standard they can also provide an attendant for maintenance and cleaning, to ensure your guests enjoy the VIP treatment throughout the event.

For more information or to book one the luxury loo’s, head on over to their website

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