Get the party started!

It’s happened …. our feature bride Emily has had her hen do, with the family and what a time they had. These girls certainly know how to have a good time and not a single willy drinking straw in sight. 

Is this Mum Carol really chugging a shot

Of course what this does mean, is that the wedding is fast approaching, with lots still to do, these last few weeks are always the hardest. 

They can become quite stressful, follow up meetings start happening and sometimes changes to the running, in this case some very last minute changes but all in hand thanks to the numerous professionals we have working hard to make this day magical for Emily, Richard and of course little Oscar. 

So with all this going on, what better time to kick back and take some time out with the girls. There are so many different ways of celebrating these days but I have to say the lovely sister Becki (Bridesmaid) did an amazing job putting this weekend together for Emily. 

I even got an invite to this one but sadly, I was working on another wedding. Looks like the girls got along just fine. 

Starting with a pampering spa break and a stay in the Marriott hotel, plunging in the pool sound, relaxation and pampering sounds delightful after the week I’ve just had but alas no … the girls certainly look chilled. 

If that’s not enough …. chocolate, yes you heard me right, our hens headed to The chocolate tart uk, for a chocolate making workshop. (Run by a fellow northerner, had to add that bit in) 

These guys offer workshops from 10 to 110 people based in Congresbury, ok so I may be a teeny but jealous at this point. 

There was lots of fun and mess had by them, making handmade chocolates and fresh cream hand filled truffles, for more details on how to book the workshops head on over to their website.

Emily Ridgway

Now I start to get really green eyed, yes I’m actually going to say it, they went to see the stage musical that is Dirty Dancing ….. omg 😮can’t believe I missed this.

Just what the doctor ordered I reckon, so whatever you are doing for your hen party, make it all about you and the things you love. 

Now back down to Earth Emily and lets get on with sone wedmin. 

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