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I’m a, Wedding and event stylist and for those of you who don’t know what that is, let me elaborate… I love events …all events and they are just the best platform to showcase creativity. The way it works is, it starts with a consultation and we talk weddings and events and all things magical that can happen.

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I will explore your likes your dislikes, all the things that can make your event stand out and then based on the information you give me, I create a mood board of themes and styles you might like and so it begins.

I will help you create an event, decorate it in a way that your guests will love and above all reflects you and your personality.

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Its working together Wednesday and I am very excited about one  element of the wedding, I’m styling this summer. There is an area where my bride would like a bespoke styling and it has to be just right, I love this because the styling will be special, unique to this particular wedding and in order to make this styling just right.

On this working together Wednesday, I’m delighted to be working with Maeve Olivia Morgan.

This artist is not a wedding supplier as such but as soon as I saw her work, I knew it would be the finishing touch on this area of interest, at the wedding and so the working relationship begins.

Maeve Olivia Morgan

Maeve Olivia Morgan is a very talented artist based in Somerset, surrounded by countryside Maeve can’t help being inspired by her surroundings.

Maeve Olivia Morgan

Creating nature inspired illustrations and using water colours, her illustrations are beautiful, delicate in their appearance and almost have a minimalist feel.

Maeve Olivia Morgan

Last year she opened her Etsy online shop and apart from being super talented she’s lovely to work with.

Maeve Olivia Morgan

I approached Maeve about this bespoke styling and after an initial chat about what I required for my styling, designs and details have been discussed, communication has been great, Maeve just got what I wanted to achieve.  I love that, it’s always comforting when with an initial brief suppliers just understand what you want to create.

My ideas start small, I sketch them out and I do mock-ups of what I want to do but it’s rare they ever end up the way I planned, they develop and change and end up being better than I imagined. Working with Maeve has made this process enjoyable and she is a constant reminder why I love my job.

Maeve Olivia Morgan

Maeve’s work is exceptional but if you don’t believe me, come see her yourself at the historical Henton fete in Wells Somerset on the 13th July 2019 2pm til 5pm or follow her Instagram.

Maeve Olivia Morgan

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