Finding your unique style!

From the moment we are born we are influenced by others, we are learning what we like and don’t like, be that food, toys, books, even colours. Here’s an embarrassing collection of photo’s of me, to prove this. There’s a wealth of media that is designed to do just that. Convince us that we should act a certain way, dress a certain way.

Only as we get older and learn to understand this, do we truly start to find our own unique style. We realise what our real interests are, what we really like to do and with whom we like to spend time doing that with.

When styling a wedding, my first questions to a couple are always about who they are, what do they like doing together. It’s those similarities or opposites in some cases that brought them together, as a couple. Your wedding is a declaration of that unique bond.

It’s your chance to celebrate the union, with friends and family and show them why your relationship is special. It may be that you spend your weekends camping than 5 star luxury hotel breaks. Dare to be different, dare to be the real you! If you are more into street food than a perfectly arranged 3 course sit down meal, then that’s exactly what you should have.

Where does a stylist come in? We are on hand to make sure that when choosing all those elements, that you and your guests have the very best version of your ideas. When you have poured over Instagram and Pinterest  and you start to wonder where those pages stop and you begin, we will help you bring all those details together but without losing you along the way.

By incorporating the real you, you are more likely to have a day that’s unique and remembered by friends and family.

Leesha Williams Photography

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