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Catering is a huge factor of any event and getting it right can be difficult. Timings, quality of ingredients and communication are key. It doesn’t have to be costly but well thought out. 

One of guests biggest grumbles at any wedding is going hungry, it alters our state of mind when we need to eat and guess what it’s usually negative. 

Quite often guests will have travelled and skipped meals to get to your wedding and with an average guest spend of over £1000 they expect to be fed. 

Creative Pantry Somerset

There are so many interesting ways to cater now, so don’t be afraid to break tradition if you want something different. ‘Your Wedding is a reflection of you and ‘don’t worry about the likes of ‘Auntie Mabel’ she will be pleased she’s invited and bemused when you hand her a ‘dirty’ burger #timeschange .

It’s working together Wednesday and this week I’m introducing Natalie from creative pantry. I met Australian born Natalie at a Wedding exhibition earlier in the year and I we just clicked.

Opening event Roth bar & Grill

Natalie not only caters events with fabulous food but she makes cakes too! Trained to exceptionally high standard, Natalie has been working as a chef on private yachts for several years. Travelling and cooking, sounds idyllic but in actual fact, it’s hard graft, you have to be inventive, innovative and make the best of the ingredients you collect along the way. 

Lucky for us though she has dropped her anchor and now resides in the Mendips, in lovely Somerset. Using only the finest locally sourced ingredients (where possible) ingredients and catering for all dietary requirements, Natalie’s skills on board the yachts make her great for being flexible with menus, imaginative and she oozes creativity. In addition to being a great chef …. she’s a great fun,

All meetings should be done over cake .. yes?

I took our feature bride Emily along to meet her. Natalie came up with some fantastic ideas,  great value for money, she was able to suggest ways of making Emily’s budget go further,.

Emily was so impressed by she booked her and then, well of course she did …. I recommended her! I can not wait to see Natalie’s ideas take shape and look forward to working alongside her in many more events in the future. 

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