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It’s here again, how does this happen, it’s Wednesday again and that means only one thing…Working together Wednesday, I feature a supplier I am working with.

Lizzie Smith cakes

This week we are talking cakes, today wedding cakes in particular! Cake is not just cake anymore it’s a work of art these days! At the risk of sounding incredibly old, they really were not like this in my day.

Lizzie Smith cakes

In the 80s if you dared to be different with you wedding cake, you would have opted for a croquet em Bouche, in layman’s terms this is a mountain of choux buns in a cone like shape, encased in caramel spun sugar. Oh lordy ….they were hard work but yes I have had my time in the kitchen making them.

Photo credit – Fitzgerald Photographic

If you didn’t have this you were relegated to a run of the mill fruit cake, traditional 3 tier cake supported by columns, covered in thick icing and you would have needed, one of those blades, reserved only for martial arts films to cut through it. Ok so I’m exaggerating, just a little but times have changed and the options are now endless.

Lizzie Smith Cakes

Recently I accompanied our feature bride Emily

This was such a treat, as I got to meet our next supplier who I have no hesitation in recommending Lizzie from Lizzie Smith cakes.

Most people know that I like to use local suppliers, which is fortunate for us as Lizzie is based in Bristol.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m a people person or just nosey but I do love a good story and love to hear people’s journeys and Lizzie’s is certainly unlike any other cake maker I have met. So she first got a passion for baking as child where she would bake alongside her Mum but this is the best bit…..she leaves all that baking behind for a career in medicine. I mean you cannot get much further away…how does that even happen lol but even after becoming a doctor she really missed that creative side, so whilst in Paris she reignites her passion by doing a Patissiere course.

With this new found passion Lizzie (how brave is she) takes a career break to complete a diploma in Cordon Bleu patissiere, where she learns the art of classical French training. Then moving to Vancouver with her husband she starts work in a bakery, where she learns all the tricks of the trade. Now I have lived in Vancouver and as most things across the Atlantic, bakeries are a whole different level over there.

Lizzie Smith Cakes

So now back in the UK, Lizzie returned to a career in medicine but not for long, thankfully for us she decided to reduce her hours to start her own business, making bespoke celebration cakes and we are so glad she has.

Lizzie Smith Cakes

Emily and I really enjoyed meeting Lizzie, Emily had a detailed sketch of the cake she would like and I am so looking forward to seeing  the design come to life, in fact I might just have to think how this cake will be positioned and styled, oh yes I already have……how excited are we to be working together.

For more on Lizzie Smiths cakes, please head on over to her Instagram.

Lizzie Smith Cakes

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