• Finding your unique style!
    From the moment we are born we are influenced by others, we are learning what we like and don’t like, be that food, toys, books, even colours. Here’s an embarrassing collection of photo’s of me, to prove this. There’s a wealth of media that is designed to do just that. Convince us that we should act a certain way, dress a certain way. Only as we get older and learn to understand this, do we truly start to find our […]
  • Why choose a Wedding stylist?
    Chloe Kennedy – Owner & stylist
  • Get the party started!
    It’s happened …. our feature bride Emily has had her hen do, with the family and what a time they had. These girls certainly know how to have a good time and not a single willy drinking straw in sight.  Of course what this does mean, is that the wedding is fast approaching, with lots still to do, these last few weeks are always the hardest.  They can become quite stressful, follow up meetings start happening and sometimes changes to […]
  • Finishing touches
    I’m a, Wedding and event stylist and for those of you who don’t know what that is, let me elaborate… I love events …all events and they are just the best platform to showcase creativity. The way it works is, it starts with a consultation and we talk weddings and events and all things magical that can happen. I will explore your likes your dislikes, all the things that can make your event stand out and then based on the […]
  • The Wedding count down
    It’s the 2 month count down… did that happen? With every event you have the initial flurry of booking venues and making decisions and then it feels like there’s not much more to do but trust me the next few weeks are crucial and there is a lot to work through. Top tip here is to remember that the suppliers you are booking, know what they are doing and whilst this may be your first wedding, they will have done […]